At Turpin Moving & Storage, we believe that moving should be an all inclusive, one-stop service. As part of our commitment to servicing all of your moving needs, we also provide storage services. 

Our storage services offer the best choice for those seeking to store their belongings with the highest level of care at a reasonable cost. Turpin Moving & Storage will provide handle the safe transportation of your belongings between your home and our storage facilities.

Our services offer a practical solution for a wide variety of situations such as, leaving one home before a new home is ready, downsizing from a larger living space to a smaller one, or staging your home in preparation to sell. Our storage facilities are climate-controlled and optimally configured for household goods storage.

Our storage facilities feature electronic surveillance designed to keep valuable possessions secure and safe for weeks, years, or decades.

 We understand your possessions are valuable. Every item that is stored in our facility is documented at the time of pick-up. This process allows for our team to keep track of your goods from the time of pick up until they are returned to you. Every item is loaded into an enclosed wooden pallet where it will be protected from exposure. Unlike self-storage facilities, all furniture stored by our team is wrapped in furniture pads and handled with the care of our professionals.

Over-sized Items

During the moving process we may find Items that are larger than the storage vaults themselves. These specific items will be considered over-sized items. This means we must make other storage arrangements for those items. At Turpin Moving we are fully equipped with over-sized racking that can hold such items as large sofas, canoes, kayaks, extension ladders, building materials etc.

Over-sized items will require an additional over-sized storage fee to be determined by your move estimator.

File Storage / Documents Management

  • File storage cartons
  • Off-site storage (active & inactive records)
  • Prompt pick-up & delivery service
  • Secure, accurate & timely retrievals
  • Complete, confidential document destruction
  • Inventory tracking

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